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I’m Moving in with New Girl

My biggest fear sitting down to watch the season premiere of New Girl was wondering how the show was going to be structured.  Specifically, we know that Zooey Deschanel is very cute and can play quirky really well. I wondered if they would rely on only that in the show.

Does that make sense?

We’ve all seen movies and TV shows where the writers have done this.  They just take the specific talents or shtick of a certain actor and stretch that out in a story or episode and care less about plot and supporting characters.   I was relieved to find out that New Girl cares about everyone in the story.  Yes, Zooey is the centerpiece at the table, but the rest of the table dressings complement her very well.

It was really impressive how these writers manage to introduce the characters, allow them to make us laugh and show us they have heart in such a short span of time. The three roommates are fun and real.  They are guys without being too much of the cliché, overdone beer commercial douchebags.  I use that term affectionately (if that’s possible) due to their use of the very funny douchebag jar.

On a side note…THAT’S DAMON WAYAN’S SON!  Good grief he looks like his dad!  And good grief I feel old now!

From the moment Zooey’s character, Jessica, moves in after awkwardly coming home to a cheating boyfriend, she blends well with the guys…Schmidt (not the best name to have when people make fun of you), Coach and Nick.

The laughs were quality laughs, and I really appreciated the decision by the writers to have the guys make such a heartwarming decision at the end.

It was a nice touch and yet another reason to hang out with them all again next week.

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