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The Bachelorette News is No News at All

December 9, 2011 Leave a comment

On The Critic Show podcast, I enjoy sharing what people like and don’t like in the world of entertainment.    It’s a given that there will be people who enjoy TV shows and movies that I don’t care to watch…and that’s perfectly okay. However, there are movies and television shows that I can’t figure out why anyone watches.

As I stood in line at a local store this week, I noticed that People Magazine’s lead story was about a woman named Ashley Hebert, who is the latest person to be shocked that happy endings rarely occur in shows like The Bachelorette.  She evidently had some bad experiences with the men on the show, especially the one she wanted to choose for her own.  He made her to believe he was interested in her, led her on and then told her he didn’t really have any feelings for her at all.

Is that terrible?  Yes.

Is it shocking?  Not really.

Is it front page news (even for an entertainment publication)?  By now you would think not.

Granted Ashley’s circumstances might be a bit unique, but it’s consistent with how these types of shows turn out.  Nonetheless, there have been over 15 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and millions of people still tune in to watch and hope that two people find love.   I ask those people, how many times is this going to show cry, “Wolf!” and you come running.

The people that end up together almost never stay together.  This poor bachelorette also seemed to fall victim to a bunch of guys that want to be on TV.  They wanted to be famous.  Well, the public gave that to them for some reason.  I don’t get it.

Remember the “reality” show Temptation Island?  This was yet another great commentary about our culture and what entertains us.   It showcased couples that allowed cameras to film them as they traveled to an island filled with swimsuit models to see if they could break them up.  The only thing more amazing than the supposed shock of someone getting lured away from their boyfriend or girlfriend was how shocked people were in Season 2.  Don’t you know what happens in these shows?  Surely you had to know SOMETHING about Season 1 before signing up.

I ask a similar question to people who still watch these shows.  Why devote your time to this when you know how it’s likely going to turn out?  The person at the center of it all makes their pick and all is beautiful on the day of the finale.  Then the magazine cover comes out to tell you that the reality after the reality show has set in.

It’s then time for the star of the show to find a new mate.  It should also be time for more people to find a new show.